Park Information

We love to have visitors but here are some things you should know before you arrive:

You must be signed in by a lot owner and the information on file at the guard house. This is for both visitors and guests.
Expect to show a picture id before you are allowed to enter our park.
All vehicles must display a barcode or hanging tag at all times. If a vehicle does not have a barcode or hanging tag it may be towed.
A lot owner is fully responsible for their guest/visitors. Any tickets or damage to the park will be ther responsibility of the owner who signed the guest/visitor into the park.
The Restaurant passes are available at the guard house, but are only good for a visit to the Restaurant. Any vehicle with a Restaurant tag found in other locations within the park will be subject to towing.
Speed limit through out the park is 10 MPH. Tickets will be issued to speeders.


New Homeowners – WELCOME!

We are happy you are visiting our website and hope you will consider Badin Shores as your new Home!

We are currently in the process of adding the New Homeowner Information Form to the website in an effort to make the initial set-up is less time-consuming. This will give you an opportunity to get any information you may need (ie. Permanent Guest List names, Car(s) and/or Boat(s) Registration Golf Cart Numbers and Insurance information.

We will be happy to set aside an appointment time in an effort to make sure your introduction to your new neighborhood is a pleasant experience. Please call the office if you have further questions, 336-461-3833.



Thank you for your service to Badin Shores and your Clients!

We are a Cedar Management Community and all information required for Closing (ie. Dues Owed, HOA information, Common Property Insurance information for Lenders, etc.). Please contact, 704-644-8808 for more information.