Registration of Golf Carts/UTV’s
For years we have discussed issues with the Golf Carts and UTV’s from Insurance, operation, ownership and PROPER lot numbers. After taking these concerns into consideration and listening to your complaints, we researched what other parks and resorts do, WE are currently one of the few that does not have a procedure in place. WE DO have a rule that we must register and present our proof of insurance every year, very few do it.

This system will allow us to get an accurate count of how many UTV’s and Golf carts are legally in the park and help us to get a handle on the illegal Carts/UTV’s to have them removed.
In season we are more vehicular traffic busy that most cities with 50-mile radius.

This past Summer saw 4 ‘Reported’ accidents and 3 ER visits. Insurance is so important.
See Covenant 8.11 reference abandoned vehicles
8.12 Operators must have valid driver’s license, Vehicle registered w HOA, and SOLE responsibility of owners to provide Liability Insurance. Also repeated in R and R # J-5.
Rule and Reg 18 All vehicles (including golf carts) are to be in running order with a current registration and/or identification (lot numbers).

And R and R (Rule and Regulations)
· Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles
1) Homeowners and Lessees residents with a valid lease are permitted to operate Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles on Common Property. Page 14 of 18
2) Visitors are NOT permitted to bring in golf carts or UTVs for use on Common Property.
3) Golf Carts and Utility Vehicle must display (3”) three-inch numbers of contrasting color identifying the Homeowner’s or Lessee’s Lot Number.
4) Lot Number must be visible on both sides, or front and back of the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle.
5) Operators must hold a valid driver’s license.
6) Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles must be registered with the BSR Office prior to operation on the Property.
7) All drivers and passengers must remain seated at all times.
*8) Operational headlights and rear lights (or rear reflectors) are required to be on while operating a Golf Cart or Utility Vehicle between dusk and dawn

The Board and Management operating as the agents for the owners voted to enact the policy of BSR yearly stickers with the help of ‘Volunteer Homeowners’ and board members to meet with the owners to verify their insurance at that time ( yes they can cancel tomorrow, but who will own their lot when someone sues for property damage or Heaven forbid personal Injury). Especially after they have presented proof of Insurance.

WE plan on this registration being a CDC safe encounter, fun and will be a great time to get out and thank those that volunteer in making BSR a better place and not complain that nothing or in this case something is being done.

The board decided on $10.00 registration fee, even though the volunteers will gather the information and check the carts/UTV’s there is some administrative costs inputting into your Yardi file.

Below is a link to Ocean Lake Campgrounds strict rules and their $35.00 fee.
I have also attached a Copy of Twin Harbors R and R’s and have highlighted their strict Cart policy. $10, w a $50 fine.
Please support your board members and their decisions, we are all Volunteers and spend hours in meetings and overseeing our liaison duties for no reward except complaining on social media.…

John Sciadini,
President of BSR HOA