December 11th HOA Board Meeting

I just wanted to remind all BSR homeowners’ that the next Board meeting is December 11, 2021, at 9:00 AM at the Clubhouse.

We have a lot of new homeowners that have purchased here over the last few years. I believe it is very important for homeowners to know each and every one of the board members. So, please come out and attend the BSR board meeting.

BSR would like for you to meet each one of our board members, as you know they are volunteers and they put a lot of time and effort into this HOA. They deal with so many issues of the past, present and future of the HOA.

It is without question a thankless job. Yet, it is so necessary in order to keep the resort moving and functioning properly.
The Board of Directors has worked diligently to ensure that BSR continues to move forward in the water project and ensure the infrastructure is running at its best. However, they understand the importance of long-term planning and the fact that we must be looking forward to the future. The Board of Directors strives to make sure that we are focused on that which is to come and in the process of handling situations that occur in the present.

Accomplishments that the board has achieved over the years:


  • The water loop to phase 4 was accepted and approved
  • New metal roof was installed at the Restaurant
  • New LED lighting throughout the resort


  • Retaining wall installed at the beach area
  • Updated existing basketball courts
  • Removed old 3-hour boat slips and replaced them with new floating boat slips.
  • BSR surveyed homeowners to understand BSR strengths and weaknesses, as a result, we identified 3 priorities. The resort (board) has been focusing on those three areas:
    • Water improvement
    • Budget/financial security
    • Re-securing the boardwalk


  • Ended our association with Cedar Management Group and brought accounting back in house, as well as, hiring an outside accountant to oversee all. In conjunction with leaving Cedar Management Group, we redesigned both the budget process and budget format.
  • Purchased Higgins property to ensure BSR gated community is kept gated


  • Received approval from USDA to proceed with the planning of our water infrastructure
  • Purchased land from Randolph Communications to establish a construction entrance
  • 2020 & 2021 Sold real-estate in the resort making the HOA $186,000 in revenue

Thank you,
Jimmy Wells